NFL Fantasy Football

NFL fantasy football is a hugely popular game where individuals pick a number of players to form a team. Each player in that team accrues points on a weekly basis for their performance in real life NFL games. Players earn points in categories such as touchdowns, yards, tackles and other disciplines. The team that has the highest number of points, when all it’s players are taken into account, is the winner. Head to head matchups between two opposition teams is the most common format that fantasy football is played in.

NFL fantasy leagues can be created and contested between friends and there are many websites that offer real time fantasy stats. There are many players who take fantasy football seriously and watch games which feature their players. For those that cant watch multiple games, there are a number of NFL fantasy football apps available from the app store and google play store. The official app of the NFL lets users manage their fantasy teams on the go from a mobile device and provides a live scoring feature. This offers them the opportunity to make crucial personnel changes on the go wherever they are.

Fantasy football leagues can be found on a number of different websites and all follow relatively the same structure. Most sites attribute a value or price in the form of NFL player rankings to each player available in the league. This ensures that users must carefully chose the players to form part of the team and stay within the budget. Alternatively players can be selected in the form of an NFL fantasy football draft. In this way users select players depending on a predetermined draft position similar to the way the NFL draft works. Players like the option of a fantasy football mock draft system as it ensures that each player in the league gets a chance to pick a player.

CBS Fantasy Football

CBS fantasy football offers users the ability to create their own leagues for friends or colleagues to take part in. Alternatively individuals can join leagues which have already been set up by others and play against other users. CBS sports fantasy football has a whole section on its website devoted to the game and is regularly updated. The site is great for fantasy football news and includes information such as injury reports, projected scores and depth charts.

An array of specialist wristers contribute opinions on each gameweeks matchups and projections on players performance. CBS sportsline fantasy football even offers advice on the scoring method known as points per reception (PPR). Some leagues attribute different scoring methods to wide receivers and tight ends. As such it is important to ensure which system is in place to maximize your players potential points.

Picking or drafting a good balance of players for a fantasy football team is of paramount importance to having a successful team. Most fantasy leagues have the draft process before the NFL regular season kicks off in September. Managers of their fantasy teams must delve through the mountains of information and research available across a number of websites and even TV shows to make informed decisions. Many sites have dedicated sections covering all aspects of the game which are aimed at fantasy managers looking to pick wisely in their respective fantasy drafts.
It is not only a matter of picking the best NFL fantasy players but also of choosing lesser known players who are projected to exceed expectations. Forming a balanced team that will perform well over the length of a season is the task for any fantasy manager.

There are plenty of column inches devoted to fantasy tips and advice. Depending on what fantasy format the league you are in has taken, will depend on what position you need to draft first. In most formats of the game the running back position is one which carries a lot of potential points. As such top running backs are highly sought after players and will be projected to be taken highly on the draft simulator.

Top NFL fantasy players in the running back position such as Todd Gurley of the LA Rams and Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers have performed well in the NFL for a number of years and are prized fantasy players. Top fantasy managers will know from experience that teams with a rookie or weak quarterback are more likely to have a run heavy focussed offence and therefore those running backs will also likely garner many points over a whole season. Similarly if a team has a weak offensive line, it is unlikely that the running back will have many chances to gain big chunks of yardage in a game.

Most fantasy football focused TV shows and website sections will likely refer to the weekly NFL fantasy rankings. Experts breakdown which players have performed well and more importantly are likely to score a good number of points in the coming weeks. The fantasy game is built to favour offensive players and it is easier for them to accrue points during a game. Top quarterbacks who consistently lead the league in passes, yards and touchdowns will generate plenty of points.

Arguably the most skilled quarterback is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Even with sometimes limited talent to throw to, he manages to lead his team to improbable comeback wins and to the top of many fantasy leaderboards. The Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota is a young quarterback who is prone to throw interceptions and as such he is not selected in many fantasy teams.

Another skilled offensive position with the potential to rake in many fantasy points is the wide receiver position. A top wide receiver will be his quarterbacks number one target and likely to see a lot of the ball during a game. These players can have huge games in terms of touchdowns and yardage and therefore fantasy points. If an NFL team has injuries in the wide receiver position then it can prove a problem for the remaining players who are not injured. This is because the defence does not have to cover a lot of receivers and can play very tight coverage.

So fantasy managers need to look at the depth of receivers that they pick and their respective teams. Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks is a great wide receiver but as he is one of the main threats for the Seahawks opposing teams often have a plan to stop him performing well.

The way many Fantasy football rankings are calculated often means that there can be some steals to be had later in the draft. Players who are not household names with great reputations can thrive under changed circumstances such as a new coach, a preseason trade or a change in the way the team plays. These players are often called fantasy sleepers as it is expected that most managers are likely to sleep on them and not select them.

Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a wide receiver who may not even make the Top 10 list in the league but is an integral part of his teams offence. As such he is likely to be targeted often by his quarterback, rack up plenty of yards and score a number of touchdowns. Another player who falls into the same category is Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon when he is available and not suspended. Without breaking the bank or using a high pick a manager can select productive players likely to score well.

The above points and information are applicable for all of the top fantasy leagues and games likely to be found online. The most popular fantasy providers are Yahoo fantasy, ESPN fantasy, CBS fantasy and of course the leagues own NFL fantasy. As the season progresses all managers will need to tweak their respective teams due to injuries, suspensions, form and opposition. Due to the physical nature of the game players can get injured not only during an NFL game but even during full practice.

Be sure to check out the list of fantasy tips on the official NFL website such as the weekly start ‘em sit ‘em section. This area looks at a players forthcoming game and whether they are facing either tough or easy opponents that week. If a top running back is facing a team that has a defence that struggles against the run then it will be likely the player has a big game. This feature is updated weekly and definitely worth paying attention to as the season progresses to maximize fantasy points.