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Everyone likes a friendly word of advice; great restaurant tips, idyllic holiday getaways, a fantasy sleeper to include in your team before the gameweek starts. With that in mind below we have come up with the best NFL Betting tips that will prove useful for either an NFL rookie or a seasoned veteran. With such a vast array of choices in the online NFL betting world it is wise to look at the various matches in each game week separately. While past performance is an indicator of how a team will fair going forwards, Gridiron is such a complex sport that each game has its own individual story and actors. Team morale, injuries, a dropped catch and even the weather conditions play a huge part in determining the outcome of any given game.

American football is a sport that gets plenty of press and attention both in and out of season. It is awash with statistics and opinions on players and this wealth of information should be used wisely to help select your NFL weekly picks. Apart from betting on the outcome of matchups, spreads and total points, with the wealth of markets being offered by bookies, punters can now bet on highly selective outcomes such as total yardage for individual players. As bookies try to differentiate themselves from other competitors they are looking at new and innovative ways of betting on NFL.

Apart from the many online sources such as this site, the old fashioned TV is a great place to watch and listen to the various NFL expert picks. Daily and weekly shows have whole segments dedicated to previewing the matchups in the upcoming game week and the CBS NFL picks are a great place to start. The experts at the US cable provider breakdown their thoughts and NFL tips on all of the scheduled games. Expect to hear NFL pro picks such as which teams they believe will win, which players are expected to have big games and who their NFL picks against the spread will be. Whilst they do not always concur on outcomes, all the top analysts are known not only for their predictions, but also for giving insight into the reason why they expect that certain outcome. It is this concise and in depth look at the game which sets out the top analysts from the competition.

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The fun doesn’t stop there either, with NFL Network being shown 24/7 on NFL Gamepass it is now even easier to tune in and catch the free NFL expert picks on a weekly basis. Not only do the experts on shows such as Good Morning Football (GMFB) give predictions on who they think will win every game, but very often they give insight into the teams they think will progress into the playoffs, aim to reach the Superbowl and eventually go on to lift the Lombardi Trophy that season. So whether you are cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs or roaring for the Baltimore Ravens these free NFL picks are likely to up your betting success for the 2018 NFL season. For those that aren’t able to pick up on these respective shows the bulk of the information is always posted online shortly after broadcast.

After the initial 4 weeks of NFL preseason are over, the 32 NFL teams kick off the 16 week regular season programme. NFL wagering is not recommended in the preseason games as teams are often trying out new or fringe players and how they adapt to different systems. One NFL Betting tip is that no team wants to risk injuring a star player in a meaningless preseason game and that is why the majority of the best players take part in just one quarter at most. Online sportsbooks will still offer betting odds on these games but they can be seen as ‘friendly’ matches where coaches are trying to assess players talent to see who will make the roster. Certainly, with the results being meaningless, the games cannot be seen as showcase spectacles but more for entertainment purposes only, with little at stake.

When week 1 of the regular season (finally) comes around after a long offseason, the NFL betting tips & tricks will be primed and ready to cash in. Below we will highlight what we believe to be the hottest tips when it comes to the betting options and markets on pro football. These are a general overview on markets that are offered by almost all bookies. The more detailed and updated weekly tips and NFL predictions can be found by clicking here.

NFL football picks

A simple moneyline style tip where an expert will chose which of the two teams they believe will win the contest in normal time. This is probably the most common type of tip and a betting line that all bookies offer on their sportsbooks. If the Buffalo Bills are playing against the New England Patriots the tip will show as which team is the predicted winner of the game.

NFL spread picks

This is a popular area where NFL experts pick against spreads offered by bookmakers. The NFL point spreads market for every game is set up before the weekly schedule kicks off with Thursday Night Football. Analysts look closely at the offerings and see where they believe value to be had. If a team is heavy favorites to win the game, the expected spread could be +10 or even higher. The spread pick tip is therefore an opinion on whether the spread marks good value at its current price. If the Miami Dolphins are playing the New York Jets the spread may show as MIA +6. This means that a bet on this spread is a bet that Miami will win by more than 6 points. If the Jets win (or lose by less than 6 points) then a bet on this outcome would lose. NFL spreads also known as betting against the spread is a bet not only on the winner of the game, but also on the final winning or losing margin.

NFL total points picks

This market is based on the total number of points scored during any given game, regardless of the result. If you don’t know (or care) who will win the game, but the stats are pointing to either a low or high scoring game, a bet on this market makes sense. Also known as an NFL over/under or NFL over-under bet, the experts will give insight into which offences are hot or which defences are shutting down teams. If the Seattle Seahawks are playing against the Los Angeles Rams, the odds may be displayed with a total number of points and then a + or – symbol next to them (say 44 for example). The bookie will then attribute the odd of the total points being over or under this figure. This analysis could point to a high scoring affair and as such +44 points could be 1.6 and -44 could be 2.4.

For a deeper look into the spreads and total points markets click here for more info and a better understanding of the NFL betting options.