NFL Betting Guide

NFL Betting Guide

Is it true what some people say, is betting for dummies? Or is there a way to improve your chances when betting on NFL games and markets. Well, we certainly believe that there are simple ways to look at sports betting guide and strategies to optimize results. Sure, it’s impossible to win every bet every week, but following a few simple tips will certainly increase your potential winnings and keep the losses to a minimum. Sports betting is a form of gambling, however there are advantages out there which can be capitalized on and leveraged in the right way.

The below are a number of NFL betting strategies that will keep your feet on the ground and help you beat the bookies. Think of them as a betting 101, an NFL betting guide to always have in mind when preparing your choices.

Know the game

It might be obvious to most, but some people will bet on anything, even if they do not have a sound understanding of the game, rules, and teams involved. If you are new to the sport, here is an article where American Football betting is explained. Why bet on something if you don’t have all the information to hand to make your choices? If you knowledgeable about horse racing then unfortunately this information will not help you with your point spread options on an NFL game.

Be patient

The NFL regular season is 17 weeks in duration, so dont go and blow your entire budget on games in the early part of the season. The NFL teams with the best chance of reaching the playoffs can start slowly and improve as the campaign progresses. Allocate a weekly budget and stick to it, there are no prizes for placing a wager on every game in the schedule.

If the fixtures on a certain game week are not appealing then do not place an NFL spread just for the sake of doing it. Some weeks where the schedule looks promising you might be choosing 4 or 5 NFL lines, while others it could be as little as 1 or 2, or even none at all. Sure it might be less fun matching Monday Night football without a wager on the game, but next weeks fixtures are just around the corner and there could well be some value to be had in those future bets.

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Shop around

An easy mistake to make when choosing your NFL football picks is to accept the odds which are given to you. Firstly, are you a member of just one online bookie or have you signed up for others too? Just as you might check the price of an item on Amazon before purchasing it from a local shop, have you checked any other sites for the same market? Or just your usual betting site?

Thankfully our odds comparison tool helps you to locate the best odds on each and every game. If you are going to win a bet, then it only makes sense to have placed your bet at the bookie providing the greatest potential winnings. Having multiple accounts across a number of different bookmakers will ensure that you can place bets in the knowledge you have got the best NFL odds available.

Look for value – Before placing a bet, ask yourself, are the odds really worth placing a bet on? Sometimes the answer can be no, and a betting line is simply not worth it. The odds of some of the stronger teams in the NFL to win the game against lower opposition are quite frankly ridiculously low. The sport is highly unpredictable and as a general rule of thumb any odd below 1.2 is not worth playing. With so many factors affecting the outcome of a game, the relatively small payoff is not worth the potential loss of your stake.

On the flip side, the team playing a game at its home stadium have a big advantage over its opponents, especially when the teams appear to be balanced on paper. Home field advantage is mentioned numerous times by experts and analysts in the weekly predictions and this can be a simple yet effective betting strategy.

Mind over heart

Losses are inevitable and part of life for sports bettors. It is how you handle the situation that is the most important part. The answer is not to increase the stake on your next wager in the hope of winning back what you have lost. Get back to basics and start a fresh with the next weeks sets of games and look at the types of bets you have made in the past and if any changes are required. If your past wagers on total points scored have been mainly successful then look to continue on this track. If on the other hand looking to predict the number of points in a game has not returned many winners then look to move to a different market.

When to bet – Betting on the NFL can be done either pre game, in the run up to any game, or live and in play when the action is taking place. Wagers placed before a game kicks off can be researched thoroughly and thoughtfully, which is how a bet should be made. Take time to read the experts predictions on which team they think will lose the game – and why. If you are going to place a bet on multiple games in the form of an accumulator then this is the time to do it. In play betting can be frantic and while it has the potential to turn out well, they can also be ill thought through and impulsive. Safe to say, if you have had a free alcoholic drinks whilst watching the game, it is unwise to make any large in play bets that could be impairing judgement.


Look out for the numerous special offers and bonuses that sites offer its members. Often bookies will entice new players with sign up bonuses and promises to match deposits up to a certain limit. As mentioned, there are no limits to how many accounts you have so milk these offers wherever you see them. If you have been inactive on a certain site for a period of time it is common place for a bookie to offer free bets to grab attention. While anything free is worth looking at, dont let a free bet distract you from searching for the best value. Super bowl bets in the form of specials are also a highly popular offering from most bookies as they look to take advantage of the hype over the final game of the season. While some of the markets on this one game can be looked at for entertainment purposes only, there are a handful that are certainly worth looking at such as Most Valuable Player (MVP).