Playoff Predictions

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Score Predictions

Every team is looking to gain that competitive advantage over its rival. Even the smallest margins can affect NFL games and increase the chances of a win. On this page you will find a huge competitive advantage over every punters rival – the bookie.

We will look at the weekly fixtures, crunch the numbers and summarise the key points for each fixture. Armed with this invaluable information and relevant NFL score predictions you will have the best chance of winning your bets and beating the bookies on a regular basis.

While football score predictors are easy to find nowadays, we will also focus on other NFL related predictions. With so many markets being offered across American Football websites we prefer to delve into the deeper markets. Why focus on just the usual moneyline, total points and spread when there is value to be had elsewhere on other NFL picks? Often overlooked are great value markets such as anytime touchdown scorers, quarter with most points, and number of turnovers. Our list of favourite bookies all have detailed markets on upcoming games and give users access to betting on the NFL online.

With games taking place every week it can be tough to focus on what games to place bets on. We recommend that you make your weekend NFL football predictions a few hours before kickoff takes place. This way all the relevant information will be available such as injury reports and weather conditions, both of which can have a huge impact on games. If you have placed your NFL week predictions bet on Wednesday and a star running back or wide receiver gets injured on Friday then this will affect the odds negatively. In the same way, it is not advised to make NFL season predictions in the early weeks of the year. So much can happen as the season develops and only from roughly week 4 can NFL teams be truly settled and judged.

Nothing is more important than preparing in advance for your weekend NFL score predictions. It’s important to limit the number of games to those that you feel confident on and have done your research. Why spoil a great weekend correctly predicting games by adding 1 or 2 off the cuff bets that were added just for the sake of upping your numbers. The 2018 NFL season is 17 weeks long in regards to the regular season and then another 4 weeks of postseason action. When the business end of the season comes around in January we will look at specific NFL playoff predictions for wildcard, divisional and conference games.

Below we list our key metrics for calculating NFL football scores and looking at the predictor game. When looking at NFL predictions in 2018 games it is vital to look at all of these categories which have a big bearing on the outcome of a matchup.

Offensive line

If the online is strong, healthy and performing well, then the skill offensive players will be able to make plays and score points. With pass protection the quarterback can sit in the pocket and gives him plenty of time to look at the open receivers. Teams with strong offensive lines are likely to score often and will have a high points per game score.

If the offensive line has injuries and is low on confidence then the quarterback will be rushed and cannot throw the ball down the field. The teams that are most likely to make the NFL playoffs consistently have strong and healthy offensive lines.


A skilful quarterback with a strong supporting cast will be able to move the sticks and drive the team towards the end zone to score points. Of the current crop, the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers is arguably the most talented and reliable QB in the league. He always seems to perform at the highest level when the game is on the line and has so many fourth quarter comebacks to his name.

Aaron Rogers NFL

If Rodgers looks up at the NFL scoreboard and his team are within a score he and his teammates will be confident that they can win the game. Other consistent quarterbacks who are the focal point of their respective teams offensive schemes are Drew Brees and Joe Flacco. The new younger crop of quarterbacks such as Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott are still learning the game and can have erratic performances.


While it is the players that can make a difference on the playing field, it is the coaches job to prepare the players and specific game plans to thwart opponents. Bill Belichick is undoubtedly the best head coach in recent times and has created a dynasty at the New England Patriots. He studies each individual opponents strengths and creates defensive schemes to take away their best playmaker.

His attention to detail in preparing his team for a game is well documented and his most quoted phrase which has become a soundbite is ‘Do Your Job’. Coaches such as Ron Riviera of the Carolina Panthers are likely to push their teams with aggressive play calls during the game. Great coaches have the ability to change tactics or personnel during a game to change the outcome in their favour.

Our American NFL score predictions are based on the information available before a game takes place. They are meant to provide tips for those looking to bet on the weeks fixtures and spot any potential upsets by underdogs. We do this by looking at every teams record up to that point, together with the opponents. Other factors such as if any players are returning from injuries or suspensions, and if there are any big mismatches between offence and defence. Obviously looking at the NFL scores of today will show a teams record and their status of a favorite or underdog. Teams at home have a natural advantage of their fans making noise and not having to travel, but other factors such as team morale and players fitness also have a bearing on the outcome of a game. All of these factors come together to show which of the teams are most likely to win — and those are the teams we want to be backing.

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All of our favourite NFL betting sites include live scores and inplay betting which can be great when looking for value bets. A great inplay bet is often on a team that is losing at half time but has the momentum and is likely to score points in the second half and try to take the lead. The sites use cookies to improve the experience on this website and the apps allow for betting from any location.

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